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The Fukaes

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Fukae Family - Commitment to Excellence


For over 50 years, the Fukae family of Osaka, Japan has been dedicated to uncompromised quality, with an attention to detail that has earned them a worldwide reputation for excellence. With an affinity for New World wines, Kesao Fukae, had a dream of someday having his very own winery, and with this vision in mind, set out to visit California’s wine regions in search of the perfect location. In 2001, Mr. Fukae traveled to Paso Robles, California, and was captivated by the emerging appellation’s character, thriving wine community and diverse terroir. Soon after, Mr. Fukae’s vision became a reality with the acquisition of the winery and adjacent guest inn located on Arbor Road, at the gateway to Paso Robles westside. The Fukae family’s new estate was named SummerWood after Mr. Fukae’s son, Natsuki (‘Summerwood’ in Japanese). 

At SummerWood Winery & Inn, the Fukae family invites  all guests to savor their handcrafted
wines and fresh, regional cuisine in one perfect setting all while enjoying exceptional hospitality.