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The Vineyards

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At SummerWood, we believe winemaking begins in the vineyard


Our viticulture practices include minimal irrigation and reduced crop loads in an effort to maximize varietal character and intensity. To sustain health at the core of the vineyard and soil, we utilize cover crops, compost and beneficial insect habitats. With each vintage, our goal is to make the best wine possible. SummerWood wines are made exclusively from grapes grown on the Westside of Paso Robles, mostly in the Willow Creek and Templeton Gap regions. Here we enjoy ideal soil profiles, abundant sunshine and the Pacific Ocean’s cool afternoon breezes. Paso Robles is characterized by warm, dry days and cool nights. The great variance in temperatures, sometimes fluctuating 50 degrees in a single day, coupled with soil and topographic variations, makes an ideal growing environment, especially for hardier red grape varieties.