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Kim Murphy Rodrigues
October 20, 2014 | Kim Murphy Rodrigues

Chef Kelly Appears on Cutthroat Kitchen



The lively episode, titled “The Undertater”, included challenges in which she prepared a stuffed baked potato and cooked Korean short ribs.  The final challenge found Chef Kelly sabotaged, playing a memory game to retrieve needed ingredients to prepare her award-winning blueberry turnover, all while handcuffed. Throughout the competition, Chef Kelly was sabotaged five times, with final winnings totaling $6,900.00.  Cheers!!

A reality cooking show hosted by celebrity chef, author and television personality Alton Brown, Cutthroat Kitchen features four chefs faced with three cooking challenges. At the beginning of the challenge each chef is given $25,000, which can be used to sabotage their opponents and/or used to bid on ingredients for the competition.

Each challenge gives the chefs a dish to create, with 1 minute to retrieve their ingredients from the pantry. The contestants are then given 30 minutes to prepare their dish. Upon completion, a guest judge evaluates each dish and the chef with the worst dish is eliminated. Episodes broadcast so far this season include, "Crabs of Steel", "SaBOOOtage" and "Chip Off the Ol' Baklava".

SummerWood Executive Chef and Inn Manager Kelly Wangard, learned of the opportunity after receiving a Facebook message from the show's casting director, who was searching for a female executive chef. A quick telephone conversation and Skype interview followed, with Wangard learning she had been selected within a week of the initial contact. To prepare for the show, Chef Kelly practiced perfecting simple dishes in a short amount of time, and also brushed up on her baking skills.

The episode was filmed in mid-May in Burbank, CA. Without divulging too much information, Chef Kelly commented that, "it was by far the most challenging, stressful and hilarious cooking experience I've ever had! The show has a ton of staff and it seemed to be a well-oiled machine. I was very impressed with the professionalism and how they were able to produce 5-6 shows a week." 

Check it out this Sunday & raise a glass of SummerWood wine to cheer Chef Kelly on as she competes in Cutthroat Kitchen!


Joshua B's Gravatar
Joshua B
@ Oct 24, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Can't wait to see you on the show. Best wishes and I am sure you did an amazing job!!

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